Company formation

All new projects have to be correctly designed from the very beginning.

EUROPE FIDUCIAIRE (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. makes the full range of its expertise available to you, providing you with the necessary resources for selecting the appropriate structure for your project and providing you with all the necessary authorisations from the outset.

When setting up a public limited company (société anonyme (S.A.)) or a limited liability company (société à responsabilité limitée (s.à r.l.)) we offer to:

  • Assist you in drafting the companies statutes
  • Introduce you to local banks
  • provide an address in Luxembourg
  • represent the shareholders before the notary or at annual general meetings
  • register the company with the Luxembourg tax authorities
  • apply for a VAT number
  • apply for domiciliation authorisation
  • provide assistance when applying for government aid
  • take care of all other necessary arrangements
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