Payroll administration

1. The payroll administration unit is made up of 5 specialists.
EUROPE FIDUCIAIRE (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. is offering the following services:

  • company and personnel registration
  • salary simulations
  • salary calculation and production of pay slips
  • possibility of making Multiline transfers
  • salary records
  • issue of accounting instructions
  • establishment of tax returns on salaries and payment instructions
  • monthly social security declarations
  • salary transfer to social security with SECUline (CETREL) 
  • issuance of annual salary certificates
  • completion of all formalities in relation to the tax deduction slips
  • formalities in relation to the Luxembourg Department of Employment.

2. The law of 20 December 2002 relates to the secondment of employees and Luxembourg Labour and Mines Inspectorate supervision of labour legislation compliance.
Our Fiduciary will undertake all the formalities required of a company established outside the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and in which one or more employees are temporarily assigned to work in Luxembourg. (ad-hoc representatives, A1 form etc).

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